Strasbourg, 24 km (7.8.22)

After a very relaxed morning and breakfast, Elke, Alex, Phil and I cycled into Strasbourg to have a look around. The original idea was to take one of the tourist boats to explore from the water, but the queues were so long, and the people were sitting so closely together, that we decided against it … Read more

Neidlingen – Plochingen, 32 km (2.8.22)

After a nice breakfast with interesting background information on all kinds of local politics by the landlady of the Alte Kass, I set off leisurely to explore Landkreis Esslingen, one of the twinned Landkreise of Munich. I followed the ‚Streuobstroute‚ (Streuobstwiesen are a kind of organic, wild orchard, I could not find an English translation … Read more