Elster (Elbe) – Berlin, 103 km (30.5.24)

Had a (slow) puncture in the front tyre when I picked up my bike, so I changed the inner tube first. Had wanted to get away early, as there was a bit of rain predicted later in the day. Ah well, it caught me after 5 km. I got rained on so much during the day that my wet stuff is distributed throughout my hotel room and I am hoping… Rain is hard to catch on pictures – I had my first break after 45 km in rather a cute shelter (there were no bus shelters, my usual go-to).

The countryside was beautiful still. Cycled through the ‘Flemish’ area, which markets itself to roller – bladers. The quality of paths needed for them is excellent for cyclists!

Found out that the Berlin – Leipzig bike route has 250 km, a bit more than I have done. Explains, why I only saw the signs sometimes.

Saw the first harvested field this year, it is May!

Went through pine forests quite a bit, too. One could see the ridge-and-furrow there, not sure how well the pictures show that.

Saw another stork’s nest, quite a few of them flying around in general.

Quite an intense day’s cycling, made it to the outskirts of Berlin simultaneously with a thunder storm.

Waited for Paula to arrive all evening, but there was an issue with her luggage.

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