Leipzig – Elster (Elbe), 79km (29.5.24)

Arrived in Leizig by train last night, after I had worked a full day. Managed to walk around the centre before it got too dark .

After a cottage cheese and knäckebröd breakfast on my room I left early, the weather forecast predicted rain in the afternoon. Once I was out of the city it was very rural – although I went through many little villages I did not see a shop till Bad Dueben, more than 35 km into the ride.

It remained rural and luckily the wind seemed to support my endeavours. There was one hill on the way, and I seemed to sometimes be on the Berlin-Leipzig bike route.

The last 16 km were then on the unofficial Elbe bike route with hand-painted signs.

I saw several storks’ nests with birds on them today.

To reach my abode for the night I had to take a ferry, so loved that.

I arrived before 13:00, so had time to have lunch and then my work meeting at 14:00. I apparently got the last room, I think it must be the bridal suite – there is a free -standing bath tub.

It then actually did rain in the afternoon, a good time to be working. Great (half) day’s cycling!

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