Fürth – Nuremberg, Donauwörth – Gersthofen, 46km (4.5.23)

So, still feeling a bit under the weather (although the weather was beautifully sunny), so just cycled to Nuremberg station, got myself a bike ticket, as I already have a Deutschland-Ticket (€49-Ticket), and got the train to Donauwörth. In hindsight a good decision, as I did not feel up to much.

There was a really nice (green-voting) woman on the train that started chatting to me. Her dream is to cycle to Berlin from Nuremberg, which is why she got herself an e-bike. Today was the first tour trying this new bike out, and she (wisely) chose an area she knows well and likes, the Brombachsee.

As I thought I would not be cycling far, I had foolishly decided not to wear cycling underpants – which I sorely regretted.

After lunch in the picturesque Donauwörth the route to Augsburg was simple and quite nice. I was positively astonished at the village of Mertingen, I have not seen anything so pristeen and groomed in a long while, and that includes everything, private property as well as public spaces. Wow.

Definitely looks like an area one could explore more of by bike.

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