Haselünne – Vechta, 70km (29.3.24)

We started cycling a little later than usual to avoid the rain and managed to remain dry all day.

This area is very well suited for cycling. It is just a shame, that most bike paths are not broad enough to be comfortable for two cyclists side by side. Went through moor areas again, and lots of very straight roads.

Lunch was in Quakenbrück, as Phil liked the name so much. A little town full of half-timbered houses and frogs – and a sense of humour regarding paying taxes.

After having hardly seen anybody all day Vechta was a bit of a surprise – a very bustling town, even on Good Friday. This time our bikes are in the hallway of a boutique hotel on the market place. For a change we stayed in for dinner: Dutch bolletjes and mature cheese from Alkmaar.

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