Coevorden – Haselünne, 67km (28.3.24)

Beautiful beginning to the cycling: we followed the Dutch German border on the Dutch side for a while, which runs in the river Aan. The area also seems to be on top of an oil field.

I had done some washing, the colours of the inlays of my cycling pants drying on my panniers should help people see which way I was going.

The border crossing was totally unspectacular, as expected. We did go through the cross -border nature park Geestland, that protects a very important moor area.

It started raining at 12:00 and finished at 14:45, during which time we had lunch and our afternoon break, but in-between we did get quite wet.

Our destination for the day was Haselünne, which I had never heard of before, but is nevertheless quite interesting. Very few really old buildings remain, as they had many fires, I am wondering, whether that had anything to do with the high number of distilleries here, amongst which Berentzen, whose apple schnaps I have been drinking for years.

As it was Maundy Thursday we also saw quite a few Easter decorations.

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