Isernhagen – Braunschweig, 68km (2.9.22)

The morning felt very autumnal for the first time, I was even wearing my cardigan in the morning. This was the last night camping with Elsa, the goal for the day was Braunschweig station, so Elsa could take a train back home, and I could pick up Phil to spend the weekend with him in Braunschweig.

For about the first 30 km we were still in Region Hannover, still very rural. We bought provisions in a village store and had lunch in Peine, which turned out to be quite a nice little town. They have a thing with owls, hence a few pictures with them.

We also cycled a bit of the Mittellandkanal, which brought back memories form long ago: Alex, Phil and I cycled along it from Hannover in the direction of Berlin – great holiday!

Despite the headwind we made it to Braunschweig in time for Elsa‘s preferred connection. Thank you for coming along, I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it!

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  1. Unfortunately, I never got to see Elsa as she left on her train before I arrived. But I am very much enjoying spending some time in Braunschweig with Tania!


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