Steti/Wegstädtl – Nymburk/Nimburg, 84km (12.9.22)

Shaken, not stirred is a good summary of my day today – the path and road conditions were atrocious for about 50km, very tiring. I had to concentrate so hard to find the best line on very bad cobblestones, stay in a very narrow track (only slightly broader than my tires) and try not to fall into the Elbe/Labe at the same time. All this with a heavily laden bike while worrying about spokes, etc. All of this on an official bike route, one of the most well known in Europe (probably after Rhine). – I was astonished.

Also it meant I hardly saw any kiosks today, too far off the beaten track. Luckily I found a little supermarket to replenish my supplies, though. And by the way, the local lemonade is called Melina and is strawberry flavoured.

But the day was not without positive highlights: the weather was perfect, I saw some beautiful countryside, and to top it all off I checked into the hotel at the same time as two female cyclists from England (Sheffield and Peak District) coming the other way. Christine, Jan and I then had dinner together and swapped experiences, I do not think they will be following the path I took, and I have changed my planned route slightly as well.

I also found two parking towers for bikes in Lysa/Lissa, basically right in a little town right in the middle of nowhere, with repair stations and lockers to charge bike batteries. If it can be done here, why not at home?

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