Strasbourg, 24 km (7.8.22)

After a very relaxed morning and breakfast, Elke, Alex, Phil and I cycled into Strasbourg to have a look around. The original idea was to take one of the tourist boats to explore from the water, but the queues were so long, and the people were sitting so closely together, that we decided against it in the end.

Nevertheless Elke gave us an excellent tour, areas and views that we had not known were seen. One of the highlights were the excellent ice creams near the minster, that also looked very pretty.

Over the years Strasbourg has done quite a bit to improve its bike infrastructure, and drivers seem to be respectful of cyclists, so cycling was actually a really good way to get around. Luckily Phil could borrow Elke‘s ‚old bike‘, she now has an e-bike herself.

We also cycled to our evening diner at Oberjägerhof, a really beautiful route through some tree-lined avenues. We had very local food, Flammkuchen and Spätzele, and enjoyed the warm evening. The sunset on the way back was gorgeous, but I missed the opportunity for a picture.

All in all a great day, thanks to Elke and Ralf for that!

3 thoughts on “Strasbourg, 24 km (7.8.22)”

  1. We absolutely LOVED seeing you and having the opportunity to spend so much time together! And I’d be more than happy to be your tour-guide again – any time!
    Thanks so much for your visit and we hope to see you again soon 🙂

  2. Hey Tania, ganz cool über deine Touren zu lesen. Triffst Du Radreisende unterwegs? Lieben Gruß, Gerlinde


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