Augsburg – Günzburg, 65 km (31.7.22)

Spent the last morning with Phil wandering around Augsburg and going to quite an interesting exhibition I had read about: The women of the Elvira photo-studio in Augsburg and Munich ( ).

We finally parted company at the station, Phil taking the train back to Munich. I went on, leaving Augsburg to the West, along a fairly big road, but the bike path was ok. I got into the woods and nature reserve fairly soon, and from then on it was really nice! At first I seemed to be following the via Julia, a bike path following a Roman road, which was very well tarmacked. Then I went on more gravelly tracks, and it went up (and down) a lot more. Beautiful to about Burgau.

I made quite good ground, and a nice landlord gave me some tips regarding camp sites in the area, so I carried on over the river Danube and put my tent up on the opposite side to Günzburg.

Planning the route for the next day.

No internet here, and I have to use my powerbanks. Need to fill them up with solar energy tomorrow. Climbed over 500m today, just the start of what is coming…

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  1. The exhibition was small but really interesting and free. If you are in Augsburg it is worth a short visit

  2. Following you with interest – will try & keep a daily check (granddaughters permitting!) Admire your determination & spirit of adventure 👏


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