Bad Gandersheim – Kleinvach, 102km (30.4.23)

What a sunny day! Still too cool for T-Shirt only, but I caught the sun on my forehead.

For breakfast I had some of the honey we were given as a present in Hanover – well, it needs eating and gives energy.

As Bad Gandersheim is not directly on the Leine I took a slightly hillier route to Northeim. It was good to see I haven‘t lost too much of my fitness since last year. In Northeim I had second breakfast at a bakery and listened to the conversations of the locals, always interesting.

From there I followed the Leine again to Friedland. I did not go into Göttingen, as I was enjoying the fairly car-less environment too much. In Friedland there is a large monument for the men that came back after having been prisoners of war in Russia.

Here I left the Leine to join the Werra, but made the ‚mistake‘ of not following the route I had planned, but a direction sign for cyclists. Ah well, I saw more of the countryside… and also had a break in a very nice place along the Deutsche Wurststraße. Talking to somebody at my table they were going to have a big medieval dinner there that evening, but talking to the landlord it was a witches event (Walpurgisnacht). Wonder how he fared.

The Werra is beautiful to cycle along! But for the first time I rang ahead for accommodation. If I could not have had a room in Kleinvach I would have had to stay in Bad Sooden, as then there was nothing for a while. Here my bike is stored in the butchery, probably the strangest (and cleanest) place yet.

So in the end I cycled my first century this year, including over 800m of climbing.

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