Gerzen – Taufkirchen (Vils), 39km (30.10.22)

Due to the time change I had no difficulties being at breakfast early. Beautiful sunny day right from the start, so I was in T-shirt and rolled up trouser legs all day. My cycling trousers with the zippable legs have a hole in the bum and are generally totally worn out, so I left them behind (pun intended).

Enjoyed my cycle ride along the Vils to Vilsbiburg, where I waited for Phil to arrive by train.

We then cycled on together to Taufkirchen (Vils), where Phil had pre-booked a hotel for us. We took the day very gently, as Phil is still recovering from a cold, and the Vils bike route was excellent for that, and so was the weather.

Taufkirchen (Vils) has a nice moated castle and a very busy centre, even on a Sunday. The local beer is also not bad.

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  1. enjoy the very last part of your trip, so great that Phil joined you! Have fun and all fingers crossed for fantastic cycling weather!


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