Taufkirchen (Vils) – Ottobrunn, 59km (31.10.22)

Weather started out beautiful again, and Phil and I were off early. In the beginning we followed the Vils bike route, which was still very good, and then went cross-country more. Of course, rising out of a river valley we had to climb a hill, and another one later out of the Isen valley.

At around Anzing we started to recognise were we were, quite a nice feeling after all that time. We had a picknick with the food that Phil had brought, and another break before we passed into the Landkreis München.

After Neukeferloh I then finally saw the new bike path along the road to Grasbrunn, smooth as a baby‘s bottom. Very much needed there, and I am looking forward to using it a lot in the future.

It is really nice to be back home. Saw Alex and my parents again, great!

6 thoughts on “Taufkirchen (Vils) – Ottobrunn, 59km (31.10.22)”

  1. Welcome home again!!! so happy that you arrived back home safe and sound. what an adventure! and we loved reading about it and thoroughly enjoyed all your stories and pictures! and obviously we were thrilled to see the three of you here in Strasbourg!

  2. Welcome back home, Tania! However, I’ll be missing the pics from your fascinating journey. Looking forward to a chat😊 Hope you’ll find your way to the new office 😁

  3. Liebe Tania,
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Das ist eine großartige Leistung! Wir freuen uns, dass Du gesund und wohlbehalten diese einmalige Reise bewältigt hast.


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