Grein – Linz, 63km (26.10.22)

A bit drizzly this morning, so I started the day with a visit to the impressive Schloss Greinburg. I like the name, apparently due to it being the first castle in the German-speaking world that was also a palace.

The path along the Danube was as interesting and diverse as expected. I learnt, that the Austrian government actively made people move out of the floodplains and built dams to protect the better situated villages and farms.

Some of the art along the way was quite big, a fish you could climb into and a huge crow cracking a nut.

Today was Austria‘s National Day, so a bank holiday, and also the end of the ‚season‘. Many restaurants, museums, etc. will be closed form today on. I did not find it easy to get lunch, in the end I ate in Mauthausen, a nice little place (apart from what it is (in)famous for).

It was then not far to Linz, which is also quite impressive. Will explore a bit more in the morning.

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