Hranice – Stara Ves nad Ondrejnici, 57km (20.9.22)

Another rainy day, this time also with hail showers and thunderstorm, so my shoes are drenched again. Also found out that my new waterproof gloves are not waterproof (or at least hail-proof) – ah well.

Started off the day with the worst breakfast so far, and then having to climb up onto a ridge. It did mean I got a good view of the countryside, and could see where the rain was falling while I was temporarily in the dry. My bike got really quite dirty due to all the harvesting machines having been on the same minor roads I was cycling along, but then the rain sorted that.

As I could not find a restaurant when I wanted it again, I tried my first pub – what an experience! But it was warm, a wood-fire was burning, quite important on such a wet and therefore cold day. As suspected they did not have food apart from crisps, so I also went to the next restaurant. It is noticeable that here in Moravia I have not met anybody yet who speaks German, as in Bohemia most young people have some English.

Having learnt a little form experience I tried the first nice-looking hotel, and took their only remaining room – an apartment. It feels very luxurious, plenty of space to hang all my wet washing. The views form the windows are also quite nice, in between the rain.

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