Landshut – Ottobrunn, 78km, (2.7.23)

It spat a couple of times during the day, but never enough to even think about rain gear – very unlike apparently in Ottobrunn, where they cancelled a planned bike tour. Ah well, sometimes you have to be to the right side of the clouds.

Spent the morning mooching about Landshut. When we got into the centre at 9:30 people were already waiting fo rthe procession having set up their folding and camping chairs. There were whole families, even with beach-shells for the little ones. The procession was due to start at 14:00, coming to this point at about 14:45 – that is dedication.

We did not wait around for the procession, so Phil went for his train back and I cycled. Again it was slightly uphill, and the wind gained strength throughout the day. I was very tired by the end of it – and sunburnt, although it was not that sunny.

I chose a route overland, not along the Isar, so went through a lot of little places I had never heard of before. At my time of need for a break I found a farm shop/shed that sold ice cream, yum!

I had lunch in Moosinning, at the same time as the 150-year celebration of the Krieger- and Versehrtenverein, so there was oompah-music to boot.

During the last bit I came through Kirchheim and the construction site for the Landesgartenschau next year. Should be interesting, I am looking forward to it.

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