Markkleeberg – Döbeln, 94km (8.9.22)

I was intending to something like 30 – 50km today, so much for intentions… In the end I had climbed nearly 750m again.

It absolutely poured all morning, so my motivation was huge – not. My goal was to see as much as possible of Landkreis Leipzig, ah well, all I can say is that it was very grey today, and a lot of the bike infrastructure is superb, but not used on a rainy work day – I did not see any other cyclists outside the cities on errands all day.

Although I had not made an appointment, the mayor (Oberbürgermeister) of Markkleeberg found time to greet me – very good of him.

I then followed the bike signs to Borna, where the Landratsamt is, to surprise some people I met in June there. In the end I felt and looked so much like a drowned rat, that I did not dare go in the building….

I headed towards the Mulde bike path, it was still pouring, with hopes to stay overnight at Colditz castle youth hostel, but that was full. My second choice was a castle in Podelwitz, but I could not cross the bridge to get there. I just carried on and in the end it slowly got a bit brighter and the rain stopped.

The potential sleeping opportunities thereafter did not exist anymore, did not answer the door, were full, whatever. Finally I found a room in the third floor without lift after about 60km without a break – I am bushed! And I have a few wet things….

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