Mostviertel, 78km (24.10.22)

Okay, I think it is time I headed home… I broke my favourite headphones by not packing them carefully enough (I have back-up, but I do not like them as much), and I deleted all the pictures off my phone today. Again, I have been making a back-up every day, but still, how stupid of me! Google and I do not get on very well…

Apart from that the day was ok, I had decided to stay in this hotel another night, so I cycled without luggage – and today I could somehow really feel the difference. I cycled away from the Danube, to the South, into the Mostviertel. First I followed the Piechtalroute, then the Roman route and finally the Melktal bike route back into Melk. They were all very well signposted – luckily, as my Garmin did not want to sync with Komoot, today, either….

As it was Monday, all the restaurants had their rest day, so I had lunch in a bakery. I cycled through some gorgeous gorges, not easy to take pictures of, more of a feeling – and thankfulness, that I did not have to go over the top every time.

It started raining after I returned to Melk, so the weather forecast had been correct.

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