Neusiedlersee, 74km (11.10.22)

The Neusiedlersee has always fascinated me, ever since we learnt about it in geography in school. I am so glad I could cycle around it today! I can also understand that the ADFC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club) has given the route 5 of 5 stars, it is really great to cycle.

Starting from Neusiedl am See and going South along the Eastern edge first, I thought I would never see any water apart from from the observation towers, as there is a lot of reed growing there. I even went through ‚hell‘ (Hölle), which is actually very beautiful.

As soon as I took the ferry across I could see the water mich more often, since the route went up into the vineyards for a bit. I did not go the full way around, as 125km would have been quite a stretch for one day‘s cycling, and I was told that the Southern part of the trip was not worth doing.

Along the Western banks I saw more pretty villages and definitely more vineyards. I had my lunch-break in Rust, including a small glass of local white wine – very pleasant sitting in the sun.

You can tell their tourist economy around here relies heavily on cyclists, they even had some bike sculptures.

There are many rest places, almost all with roofs, some with repair stations, drinking water or art.

Back in the hotel I did the works: swimming, whirlpool, sauna and steam room, and even managed to do a political zoom call.

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