Nieuw Amsterdam – Neuenkirchen, 79km (24.8.22)

It was really quite hot again today, I took my time with everything. The border was quite close to Nieuw Amsterdam, and very noticeable – the bike paths, especially in villages and towns, are much worse in Germany than in the Netherlands. For every driveway it goes down and up, the kerbs are not very bike-friendly, etc. Quite a shock when coming form a country, that values cyclists more.

Just over the border in Germany I also saw some oil wells, no wonder everybody is driving cars here…

Some of my stuff that I had washed a few days ago still had not dried, so I made a bit more of a concerted effort today – hence my socks on the handlebars, etc. Worked a treat, by the way.

As the weather is still warm and dry I wanted to camp again tonight, but unfortunately the campsite I had envisioned (on a lake) does not take tents (anymore?). There was no other campsite nearby that could see, so I am in the only hotel in this place. Ah well, hopefully tomorrow again.

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  1. ach wie cool, du bist durch Emlichheim gekommen – dort habe ich gewohnt als ich 3-9 Jahre alt war 🙂


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