The last time I went on a bike ride (mainly) on my own that was more than a week long was probably around the North Sea in the early 1990s, so I suppose almost 30 years ago. In the meantime some of my equipment has been given away (cooker), is not functional anymore (tent) or just needed updating due to (my) age (mat).

It has been a pain an pleasure simultaneously to replace these things. My new one-person tent is great, so quick to put up! But looking for a cooker has been a very drawn-out process.

Also these days the planning happens mostly digitally – I use komoot – I will not be carrying maps. From the experience of the last few years, though, the electronics, including navigator, phone, watch, power-banks, cables, solar panel, are not lighter than maps ….

Route planning is another story. I was quite clear in January where I wanted to go. With the war in the Ukraine this has changed, and at the moment there are some family things, that make me think I might have to be very spontaneous. Luckily that should not be a problem for one person with a bike – there are always options (train, coach, even car).

Of course I also have to think carefully, what clothes to take. My assumption is that the August will be quite hot, especially as I will also be riding partially along the Rhine valley and in France, and October might be quite nippy, depending on where I am.

I cannot wait for the trip to start! I am really looking forward to making my nearly 40-year old dream come true.

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  1. Never give up on your dreams – even if it takes almost 40 years!!!! GO FOR IT!!!! and we can’t wait to see you!


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