Rohatec – Napajedla, 53km (18.9.22)

I actually slept really well in the tent, and it stood the test of rain. I woke up just before sunrise and started packing up as it was not raining that moment. Just as I was finished, it started again.

I had breakfast at a petrol station. I do not know of anything else open on a Sunday morning in the Czech Republic. Anyway, I find it difficult to tell what is open and what not, as most shops and restaurants do not advertise outside and rarely have lights on. There are often wordy boards at the entrance, but I cannot read them.

The beginning of the tour was over bad tracks again, but that got better as the day wore on – luckily. It was never really dry, but also did not really pour down. Noticeably cooler, though.

After yesterday I was determined to have lunch in a nice place and ended up in a brewery. I decided to have a beer as well, very tasty, and the food was excellent, so I decided to stay the night. My tent needed drying out, etc.

Walked around Napajedla in the afternoon, but I could neither get into the castle nor the museum. Dinner in the brewery hotel was good again, with more beer, of course.

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