Röhrnbach – Wernstein, 41km (1.10.23)

Due to poor preparation I had not realised until the night before, that the garden show is on top of a mountain! So we changed our plans and did not cycle there, but took a taxi.

The garden show was not as large as the one two years ago in Ingolstadt, but we both enjoyed it more. The people working there were extremely friendly! Great views across the Bavarian Woods, as well.

I managed to find a route back from the Röhrnbach to Passau that was more on a bit of a plateau, so not quite so hilly. We only climbed 390m on the way back.

Lunch at one of the local restaurants that cannot be found on Google maps was excellent!

I took Phil to the station in Passau, from where he returned to Munich, while I cycled along the Inn to Wernstein. So I am actually staying in Austria for the night.

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