Wernstein – Altötting, 90km (2.10.23)

Archetypical autumnal morning on a river: fog. That also meant it was fairly cool, still.

Although I was cycling along the official Inn bike path, cycling was not always allowed or easy.

Schärding is quite a pretty town, very colourful.

In this part the Inn cycle path mainly runs on dams, but there are still a few pretty sights.

Crossing the bridge from Braunau to Simbach I got a puncture in the back tyre. Luckily there was a very friendly local bike dealer ( ok, I had to wait for an hour before the shop re-opened after the lunch break), who replaced the worn-out back tyre.

From there it was straight to Altötting, where I am staying in a hotel right on the main square surrounded by churches.

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