Spytkowice – Oravsky Podzamok, 67km (5.10.22)

Beautiful sunrise this morning, and it actually stayed dry all day. It was not as warm, as predicted, though, I needed my long-fingered gloves. And then the wind was in my face most of the time, quite blustery, made climbing (almost 700m) and descending very difficult. Especially, as some of the car drivers here seem to think the narrow roads are broad enough for them to overtake the car that is overtaking me, or worse still, overtake in traffic coming on! I am wearing the legally prescribed helmet, but it does not make me feel safer. Many of the lorry-drivers were good, though, even staying behind me when I was going uphill at snail‘s pace.

As it did not rain on me today, I had better views. Of course of the Beskid mountains and valley, but also of the snowy Tatra! Loved it!

I knew the border could not be far, when I saw a ‚Polish market‘. Unfortunately I could not stop at the border itself to take a picture, though, too much traffic. So I am in Slovakia for the first time in my life, now.

It is strange, seeing everything in Euros again. Things are also more expensive than in Poland or the Czech Republic so far. It is also noticeably becoming quite autumnal, the colours are starting to be beautiful.

Saw another Unesco World Heritage site today: a wooden church, particularly fine example. Also saw quite a few of the ‚original‘ wooden houses, the last few villages had many ‚left‘.

When I arrived at my destination for the night, the castle was unfortunately already closed, so something to look forward to tomorrow.

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