Oravsky Podzamok – Lipovec, 59km (6.10.22)

Great day! The weather was great, I was in short sleeves and even short legs (some of the day). Very autumnal, which in the Carpathians is beautiful! A lot of coloured foliage and golden light.

The day started great as well. I spent some time looking at and climbing up Orava castle, which is Nesferatu‘s home in the first film from 1922. Wow, what a castle! Definitely worth seeing! The views form up there were also wonderful, all the way into the Tatra with its snow-covered mountains.

And then the route was not so bad today. I was not on the really busy big road that much, and then it had a hard shoulder for the worst bits. The views were often stupendous, but I could hardly take any pictures due to traffic. I did use the GoPro quite a bit, hope the videos turn out ok.

Fell foul of the Garmin at one point. Went off the main route and climbed up a side valley, which pushed my total for the day to nearly 600m. First I cursed it, but then I realised what wonderful views I had, and what I got to see, so it was actually good.

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