Vienna – Angern an der March, 45km (16.10.22)

Phil was not lucky with the weather on his first visit to Vienna, on Saturday it rained and Sunday it was foggy. Of course that did not stop us from seeing the most important sights in the centre, as well as the Prater and the Hundertwasser buildings. But most importantly, we ate well.

After lunch on Sunday Phil took the train back to Munich and I cycled off to the Slovakian border. Phil will be meeting me in Linz in 10 days and along the Danube that would only be 4-5 days cycling. So I will be taking the long way round, the plan is to follow the Iron Curtain Trail for a bit. Let us see, what happens.

On the way to the border I passed another memorial for Nazi atrocities in Strasshof an der Nordbahn. There are so many places that remind us of the murders of that regime, it is very sobering.

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