Wieliczka – Myslenice, 27km (3.10.22)

As the weather forecast was rain all day, I decided to spend at least some of that underground in the salt mine of Wieliczka – very impressive!

Then I set off in the downpour, and had over 500m to climb in the short stretch I cycled – I can tell I am getting closer to the Tatra mountains. Unfortunately again, due to the rain, I did not take many pictures, and did not actually see much due to the lack of visibility.

And still I cannot enjoy the descents as much as I would like to, wet and slippery roads due to autumnal leaves are to be respected.

I have to be very careful from now on, it gets dark (pitchblack) by 18:00, and there are not many hotels or B&Bs around, so more planning necessary.

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