Freilassing – Ising, 74km (11.5.24)

To join the Mozart bike route we took a ‘short-cut’ through the woods, our daily micro adventure.

After that it was really beautiful and good to ride. We followed the Salzach to Laufen first and actually saw the first reference to Mozart so far, so he had actually been in this castle.

Laufen has a very nice bridge, an excellent example of Art Deco.

The way to Waging lead us through a beautiful moore area, nice and flat.

We really enjoyed the Waginger See, I can see why some of my colleagues come here regularly. We had lunch on the lake, very pleasant.

A long climb followed before we dropped down towards the Chiemsee. Phil had booked us one of the last rooms in the area in Gut Ising, a golf and horse riding place with tennis courts and pools ( we used the indoor one). Arriving by bike we even went in the wrong entrance. I ‘enjoyed’ listening to the old white men (really) pontificating on things.

At the end of the day we watched the European Song Contest, one of my colleagues was dancing in the Greek performance.

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