Grein – Linz, 63km (26.10.22)

A bit drizzly this morning, so I started the day with a visit to the impressive Schloss Greinburg. I like the name, apparently due to it being the first castle in the German-speaking world that was also a palace. The path along the Danube was as interesting and diverse as expected. I learnt, that the … Read more

Melk – Grein, 55km, 25.10.22

The weather was really nice again today, even cycled in shorts for a bit. Had my first stop in Pöchlarn, at exactly 10:00 when the Oskar Kokoschka museum opened. Another famous painter from the Danube. I had not realised how long he lived, I have to admit. The next museum was in Ybbs, after all … Read more

Mostviertel, 78km (24.10.22)

Okay, I think it is time I headed home… I broke my favourite headphones by not packing them carefully enough (I have back-up, but I do not like them as much), and I deleted all the pictures off my phone today. Again, I have been making a back-up every day, but still, how stupid of … Read more

Znaim – Hollabrunn, 50km (20.10.22)

Took the decision to cycle back into Austria on the best route, so I went back through the Weinviertel. Still very pleasant, more vineyards, more autumnal colours, and luckily still sunny, if cool. Passed a few churches in the distance, quite picturesque. Interesting vending machines again. High up on the ridge of a vineyard there … Read more

Seefeld – Znaim, 46km (19.10.22)

Beautiful autumnal weather today, and if anything, I went through more vineyards than yesterday. Towards the end I went from the Weinviertel to the Waldviertel, though, before entering the Czech Republic again. Retz is a beautiful little town, which I will keep in good memory. Spoke to a bikepacker there, the only other touring cyclists … Read more