Znaim – Hollabrunn, 50km (20.10.22)

Took the decision to cycle back into Austria on the best route, so I went back through the Weinviertel. Still very pleasant, more vineyards, more autumnal colours, and luckily still sunny, if cool. Passed a few churches in the distance, quite picturesque. Interesting vending machines again. High up on the ridge of a vineyard there … Read more

Seefeld – Znaim, 46km (19.10.22)

Beautiful autumnal weather today, and if anything, I went through more vineyards than yesterday. Towards the end I went from the Weinviertel to the Waldviertel, though, before entering the Czech Republic again. Retz is a beautiful little town, which I will keep in good memory. Spoke to a bikepacker there, the only other touring cyclists … Read more

Neusiedlersee, 74km (11.10.22)

The Neusiedlersee has always fascinated me, ever since we learnt about it in geography in school. I am so glad I could cycle around it today! I can also understand that the ADFC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club) has given the route 5 of 5 stars, it is really great to cycle. Starting from Neusiedl am … Read more