Räbke – Magedurg, 83km (5.9.22)

Continued on the route of the Stästepartnerschaft, which turned out to be quite undulating, I climbed 750 m in the end. There was also definitely more headwind than I had before, but still dry, good weather. Went through little towns and villages all day, that all had interesting aspects and history. My highlight on the … Read more

Mardorf – Isernhagen, 57km (1.9.22)

Today was the day of poor, and therefore tiring, bike path/road surfaces. It started with a very badly tarmacked path through the first moor of the day and ended with a cobblestone road leading up to the campsite. We followed the greater part of the ‘Nordhannoveranische Moorroute ‘ to learn more about this very important … Read more

Herford – Petershagen, 65km (30.8.22)

Adventurous day, although it started grey (weather) and slowly with breakfast on the campsite. The first few km were also still uneventful, if undulating. Then we found the river Werre and followed that until it flowed into the Weser. Going through Porta Westfalica was great, especially the view once we were through, looking back. Shortly … Read more

Hamm – Bielefeld, 80km (28.8.22)

Said goodbye to all the family and left earlier than expected, at 10:00. The route leaving Hamm was still very familiar, after a while even the names of places became less and less well known. For my first break I had bought plums at a farm, my second break was in the gardens of a … Read more